Become a Scholar

How to Become a Scholar

Apply to become a Access to College Success (A2CS) Scholar during your Junior Year
This year-long program is only open to high school juniors residing in the Los Angeles County. Students enter the program during the Spring semester of their junior year and receive weekly SAT Prep Sessions, participate in the Summer Academy, receive college advising, application, and financial aid support throughout their senior year of high school. Students who successfully complete the A2CS program will become College Success Scholars.  

Apply to become a College Success Scholar (CSS) during your Senior Year
This multi-year program is only open to high school seniors residing in the Los Angeles County. Students enter the program during the Summer after their senior year of high school by participating in our Summer Academy. During college, Scholars receive a yearly scholarship up to $2,500, have access to mentors, and receive internship and career support through their first job after college. Students remain in the program until they graduate from college.

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Who is Eligible?

South Central Scholars seeks highly motivated students from low income families, who identify as first generation college students or students of color. Our Scholars tend to be motivated, resilient, and high achievers who plan to attend a four-year college, but may lack the resources and network to help them attain their goals. Students applying to either our A2CS or CSS Programs must meet the following criteria:

  • Plan to attend a 4-year college

  • Have a minimum 3.2 cumulative high school weighted GPA

  • Have an annual household income below $75,000 (exceptions are made for students from large families)

  • Identify as one of the following:

    • A first-generation college student
    • A student of color

The Application Process

All eligible applicants must first submit an intake form. The application will then be sent to you through email once it becomes available.The scholarship application requests the following information:

  • High School Transcript

  • PSAT/SAT/ACT and SAT Subject Test Scores

  • AP and IB Course (and scores if available)

  • Personal statement and essays

  • Recommendation Letter

  • Extracurricular activities

  • College Acceptance Letters and Financial Aid Awards (if applicable)

The application process is competitive. All applicants are reviewed by each member of our Application Committee. The highest scoring applicants will be invited for an in-person interview. Students are thereafter selected into our program based on their application and interview.

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