Career Counseling

Expanding opportunity

Often, low-income and first generation students are familiar with high paying jobs such as medicine and law, but are unfamiliar with careers such as engineering, journalism, research, finance or computer science, due to a lack of exposure. Introducing students to a variety of professionals exposes them to a wide variety of occupations that could be in line with their skills and interests.

SCS offers workshops, webinars, and conferences to help Scholars understand their interests and skills and how to apply them in different industries. Individual counseling is provided to support choosing a college major, a career path, and exploring new industries through internships.

Professional development

Throughout the Scholars’ four years of college and beyond, they receive ongoing professional development including the following:

Bi-monthly webinars: Webinars are presented by professionals and include discussions on various industries and career paths.

Career Days: SCS collaborates with diverse corporations to host a half-day conference to educate Scholars on industry trends and internship opportunities. Scholars also receive tips on how to position themselves to achieve their desired career path. Within this intimate group, Scholars are able to create networks and develop relationships with professionals in their field.

Annual Career Conference: Our largest event is the annual Career Conference. SCS invites professionals to present on industry-specific and professional development intended to prepare Scholars for summer internships or their first job. Corporate employees lead workshops on career preparation, mental health, resume & interviews. Some of our top sponsors include executives from Caruso Affiliated, Zenith Insurance, and other notable companies in Los Angeles.

Regional Directors: Upperclassmen Scholar liaisons from over 35 schools across the nation host socials and professional development events for Scholars at the same university. Together, they build a community of support amongst themselves on campus and encourage each other through educational, personal, and professional endeavors.