Pursuing exciting opportunities

Through the SCS network and our corporate partnerships, our Scholars are connected to internships and jobs during college, allowing them to explore careers in which they have a strong interest or participate in exciting research opportunities. During their internships, Scholars begin to network with professionals in their chosen fields and build a professional portfolio of skills and interests. SCS assists Scholars with resume and cover letter preparation, application review, mock interviews, and introductions to contacts within key firms and corporations. SCS has assisted Scholars in securing internships with over 60 partner corporations and businesses, and continues to build new relationships with various organizations throughout the country.


Ramon Gomez

Class of 2017; Claremont-McKenna College

Wells Fargo Summer Intern

I just want to tell you about a potential professional development and internship opportunity to keep on your radar for next year. In October 2014, I was looking around for potential internships on my Career Services website, and I stumbled upon an opportunity, Wells Fargo Sophomore Leadership Conference/Internship. It required a resume and cover letter (never had written one of these before) and I was initially intimidated that my cover letter wouldn’t be up to par with other applicants, so I went to the Career Services Center at CMC and they handed me a Career Services Guide with examples of resumes, cover letters, and other career-related things. From here, I sketched my first cover letter and I returned to the career center two more times before I felt comfortable sending off my application.

A few months later in early December, I received an email from Wells Fargo that I had advanced to the first round of interviews (phone interview). Excited about the opportunity, I contacted Stella and she sent me list of potential behavioral interview questions. Using these questions to practice my interview responses, I moved on to the next round of interviews that were held in San Francisco, CA as part of a conference.

Yes, Wells Fargo flew out everyone that got past the first round of interviews for the West Coast region to San Francisco! The Wells Fargo Sophomore Leadership Conference was phenomenal, and I even found another SCS Scholar, Sebastian Rodriguez, at the conference. At the conference, I studied commercial real estate, commercial banking and corporate banking cases and discussed them with other college sophomores as Senior Executives and Analysts took note of the way we worked with teams and the way we thought about problems. Then, on the final day of the conference, I had four interviews for a summer position! Just interviewing four times back-to-back was an exhilarating experience that allowed me to pick up on best practices for engaging executives as well as taking control of the way I frame myself in the interviews.

Fortunately, my interviews went really well and I was offered a summer internship in Century City, CA for Financial Sponsors, a subdivision within Corporate Banking. When I received the offer, I jumped with excitement and immediately accepted the offer. This division is in charge of underwriting the loans for companies that private equity firms are trying to leverage, and making sure to account for all the risks associated with giving them a loan. If that sounded like a mouthful, I agree!

It can be intimidating to think of getting an internship where you may not even fully understand your responsibilities, but it is a great growth opportunity and we have so many resources and networks made available to us as SCS Scholars. Before the conference, I was in close contact with SCS Board Members Alex Rubalcava and Brian Massey, as well Stella Yuen. Each of them has been incredibly impactful to developing my network and working knowledge of careers in finance. I suggest that if you’re still looking for a job or summer internship, need resume/cover letter help, or interview prep, contact the SCS Office as soon as you can! They can make your world a lot bigger and the professional development opportunities are endless.

Henry Castillo


Class of 2017; Middlebury College

Caruso Affiliated Associate Intern

I had the privilege of interning with the real estate development company, Caruso Affiliated. I was able to learn in a classroom style environment from a number of executives from various departments including leasing, operations, management, development, construction, and marketing. I worked as an associate within the Hospitality department where I assisted in the creation and implementation of our Corporate Concierge program. The program is designed to offer a number of time saving services and amenities to the company’s corporate employees. My contribution included brainstorming services to be offered, working out logistics for the program, as well as working with the design team to create the Corporate Concierge handbook that will be given to employees with the launch of the program.           

Along with my associate responsibilities, the internship program also included two team presentations. The 18 associates were divided into three teams of six which were given prompts on which to present to the company. These prompts included thinking of ways to enhance the experience of existing and future properties as well as improving the hotels and residential properties. The internship program was an invaluable experience and I sincerely hope I get the opportunity to take part in the program again next year. For the next two weeks I’ll be enjoying my time at home with my family and friends and then I’ll spend a week in D.C. before heading back to school to start preseason for football.