Scholars In The Workplace

Success in employment

South Central Scholars is focused on sustainable pathways for success in scholars’ personal and professional life. We organize year-round individual counseling, career-readiness workshops, career days, coaching days, and professional conferences for our students in Los Angeles.

Our largest event is our annual Career Conference where we invite professionals from multiple industries to present on industry-specific and professional development topics to prepare scholars for their first internship or the workforce. Corporate employees lead workshops on career preparation such as resume reviews, mock interviews, mentoring in specific career paths and jobs, and networking. Some of our top sponsors include executives from Caruso Affiliated, Zenith Insurance, and other notable companies in Los Angeles. As a result of our corporate partners, scholars from SCS are entering the workforce at the highest levels across a broad spectrum of industries including numerous fortune 500 corporations and top law firms.

SCS provides holistic support to our hard working Scholars. As a result, each of our programs strengthens and is strengthened by our full range of programs. Elements of Summer Academy, the life-changing impact of working with a mentor, our Career Development and Internships program -- all play a role in the career success of our Scholars. Growing up in under-resourced communities, our Scholars enter our program with limited awareness of the limitless opportunities available to a motivated graduate of an elite college. Past scholars have gone on to have meaningful careers in finance, entertainment management, real estate development, aerospace, data science -- fields they never dreamed of before entering our program.

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Ongoing Success

We remain dedicated to our scholars' ongoing career success and continue to offer support through our Alumni Services program.

  • Events such as conferences and career days
  • Socials and mixers
  • Professional development guidance
  • Notifications of new job opportunities
  • Career change support
  • Graduate school support and mentoring
  • The opportunity to become a mentor