Financial Scholarships

While we encourage and support our Scholars to attend no-loan and low-loan colleges, there often remains a gap in the financial circumstances of Scholars. SCS is able to reduce Scholars' financial burden and ensure that our Scholars stay focused on their college education and achieve their fullest potential by offering our Scholars a $1,000-$2,500 bridge scholarship each year of college.

Select Scholars may have their bridge scholarships funded by our individual and corporate partners and may receive other benefits and support services through these partnerships.

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Additional Financial Support

SCS also understands that our Scholars may face extraordinary financial hardships due to unforeseen circumstances. SCS may provide an additional one-time scholarship or stipend per Scholar for tutoring, emergency travel, study abroad, or graduate school test prep assistance. We also provide additional support as-needed to Scholars through in kind and pro bono support, including miles for airfare, donated laptops, gift cards for school supplies or winter clothing, assistance with dental/mental/health care, temporary housing, and more.