The Hong Kong Prize

hongkong prize

The Hong Kong Prize aims to encourage and reward outstanding contributions to the promotion of scientific and technological innovation in Hong Kong. It is awarded to individuals and groups who have made significant contributions in the fields of science and technology, ranging from artificial intelligence and robotics, life sciences and healthcare, new materials and new energy, advanced manufacturing and fintech.

The aim of the HK Prize is to promote a healthy, vibrant and creative environment in Hong Kong by encouraging and rewarding scientific and technological innovation. It is an important element in promoting the development of the city and in supporting its role as a hub for science, technology and innovation.

Despite the challenges faced by Hong Kong as it struggles to survive Covid-19, the city’s reputation for a cosmopolitan, innovative city has not dwindled. In fact, a recent survey showed that Hong Kong is the leading global technology centre, as well as being one of Asia’s most dynamic and fast-growing economies.

With a world-class higher education system, strong research and development institutions and the convergence of high-quality scientific and technological talents, Hong Kong has the capacity to make unique contributions to the nation’s progress in its strategic areas of innovation-driven growth. The Prize is designed to provide a platform to recognise and reward scientific and technological innovation from across the region, and to inspire and motivate young people to devote their lives to developing Hong Kong as a leading centre for science and technology.

This Prize is open to individuals and teams who have developed innovative solutions or products that are capable of transforming society. It is also open to projects that demonstrate the use of science and technology in an area relevant to the Government’s policy objectives. The judging committees will consider nominations on the basis of the potential impact that the solution has for the society, and its contribution to Hong Kong’s development.

The judging panel will be drawn from experts in the field and representatives from BOCHK. It will consider a range of criteria including the potential to enhance or improve life in Hong Kong, the innovation’s positive impact on society, and whether the product can be developed commercially in Hong Kong.

It is expected that the winner of the Prize will receive a sum of HK$500,000. This prize money is non-taxable and may be used for any purpose that is considered to contribute to the advancement of scientific and technological innovation in Hong Kong.

In addition to the monetary award, the prize will also include a certificate and a trophy. Moreover, the winner will be invited to participate in the annual BOCHK Science and Technology Award Ceremony.

Interested participants must register on the website to submit their entries and receive further instructions. The submissions will be reviewed by the judging panel and the winner will be announced at a ceremony in 2020.

The Hong Kong Prize is a non-partisan competition, open to scholars and students in the social sciences and humanities who take Hong Kong as their primary subject of inquiry. It particularly encourages articles that place Hong Kong in global, comparative and theoretical perspectives.