The Sidney Hillman Prizes

sidney prize

Several prizes are awarded by the Sidney Hillman Foundation. These include the Thomas Robinson Prize, which is awarded to a writer who has done a lot of writing about the South. The Neilma Gantner award is also one of these. This awards a $5,000 prize to the best short story of up to three thousand words. It is open to all writers, whether they are professional or a fledgling writer.

The Sidney Award is presented to journalists for work that is deemed to be of merit. This includes work published in a magazine, blog, or American newspaper, as well as on television or radio. It also includes a special award for investigative journalism in the service of the common good. In addition, the Sidney Hillman Foundation provides $500 honorariums and a certificate to the winner and a bottle of union-made wine to the runner up. The judges for the 2021 competition are Alice Robinson and Julie Koh.

The Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize is named after the late Neilma Gantner. It is a competition that is supported by the Malcolm Robertson Foundation. The prize is open to any writer at any stage in their career, and it awards an award of $4000. This prize is a great way to recognize the work of a talented writer.

The Thomas Robinson Prize is a contest that was first offered in 2012. This award was previously known as the Sidney Lanier Prize, and it was given to a writer who had done a lot of writing about the South. It is worth noting that this particular prize is the smallest of all the prizes that the Sidney Foundation offers. The other winners included Alan Sincic, who received the Postcard from Nowheresville prize, and Elisbeth Passmore, who won the Westernport Crossing prize.

The Sidney Award is the most prestigious of the many prizes offered by the Sidney Hillman Foundation. This prize is awarded to a photographer, writer, or journalist for a book or series of photographs or short stories published in a major American or international magazine, and a video produced for television or the Internet. The award is worth $500.

The Sidney Award is also awarded for a blog post, as well as for a television show or movie. The winners of these awards are selected by a panel of experts from the media and the arts, and each of the finalists receives an honorarium of $1,000.

The other award is the Sidney Tarrow Paper Prize, which is given in memory of the late Sidney Tarrow, a distinguished professor in comparative political science at Cornell University. The award is made possible by the generosity of the late Sidney Edelstein, founder of the Dexter Chemical Corporation. The plaque that accompanies the award is a worthy reward for anyone involved in public interest journalism.

The Sidney Prize is the oldest of the prizes that the Sidney Foundation awards. It is a testament to the strength of the Foundation’s mission, which is to promote social justice and economic justice through the press. The prize is a monthly award, meaning that it is awarded each month. The prize has been given to Mary Bottari two years in a row, as well as to a variety of other reporters and artists, including the Center for Media and Democracy.